The Great Excuse… “I Didn’t Feel Like It”


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When you think there is nothing left in the fuel tank, go one more round! I got up this morning and was due to go for a run (only 3 miles) but ‘didn’t feel like it’. How many times has that stopped you from doing something; how you feel?

Then I asked myself a simple question – so what? Going for my run has nothing to do with what I feel like doing and more about doing what I want to do to get the health & fitness benefits I desire. What’s more important; the great excuse ‘I didn’t feel like it’ or my health? Easy win!

Dressed, trainers on, headset in place and off I went. It was a slow start, I could feel the emotional resistance but I kept pushing until eventually, one mile in, it felt comfortable. I had pushed through the barrier and was now entering ‘happy’ land. You see, there was no valid reason for me not to run, it was just a ‘feeling’. By simply questioning the feeling and its validity I could make a firm decision that was aligned with my health goals…

Just because the emotional tank says ‘no’ or you ‘feel’ like you’re on empty, you don’t have to stop. Sometimes you must dig deeper and push through the barrier to test your mental and physical capabilities because they are usually far greater than you ‘feel’ they are.

Boom! Lean in and ‘just do it’!

One Life, Live It Well



It’s In The Bag!


It’s in the bag! 3 months and 5 days before my 5Certificate0th I have completed my first (& to be honest, probably my last) marathon – Yay!

Sunday 26th April 2015, a wet and cold morning in London; perfect for the challenge ahead; Virgin Money London Marathon – 35th Anniversary.

Along with 38k+ other goal setters I had one vision in mind – simply to cross the finishing line.

The crowd were amazing, cheering energy into depleted IMG_20150427_163242muscles; it’s in those moment you realise the true power of people, the energy they give off.

23 miles, quadriceps in lock down, I had to get the mind to take over. Power walking to release some of the muscle tension followed by light running seemed to do the trick.Anything is possible

Finally I turned the corner into the mall, finishing line in view, and realised the hard work was over; awesome feeling.

And now I have a greater sense of the amazing fitness level elite athletes have to run marathons in less than 2.5 hours – respect!

As for me, one week off before I hit the running trail again.

Next fitness challenge… Insanity! It’ll be in the bag too!

Keep Giving, Keep Receiving!



Keep On Running!


The 26th of April is looming with the Virgin London Marathon ‎all Run3set and all I can tell myself is ‘keep on running’.

This will be my first marathon (hopefully not the last :)) and each day it draws closer I feel a little more anxious and excited; an interesting mix.

Having run the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon in 2013 I know to expect an electrifying atmosphere with lots of positive energy to bounce off of and I know that eventually the race will come to an end but the butterflies persist.

So I want to fix my mind on my ‘why’. Why have I taken this challenge on? There are a few reasons.

Firstly I had set this goal specifically for this year in celebration of my big birthday; turning 50. As someone with a history in health & fitness I wanted to commit to paying attention to my well-being, no matter my age, no excuses and fitness challenges ensure I deliver on that commitment.

Secondly I know these events are a great way to support charities I care about and whilst the charity I support regularly (Business against Poverty) is not listed for the marathon there are many other amazing causes that are and I have chosen Get Kids Going! To be mine. Why? Because they are working relentlessly to get and keep young people with disabilities in sports, creating champions to represent GB in major sporting events across the globe and if you watched any of the Paralympics of 2012 you know why this is important work and how supporting them can make a difference.

Paying it forward is one of my 7 business principles and that means ‘doing’, leading by example, not just talking a good talk. If I’m going to spend time encouraging others to get out of their comfort zones, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, best I lead the way 🙂

Finally it’s about community, being part of something much bigger than me. When we act as a community we can achieve more, make bigger changes and impact our world in mighty shifts. I am looking forward to the camaraderie, the opportunity to support and be supported, to have fun and even shed a tear… I’m pretty certain it will be an emotional experience for many.

So, with my mind now fixed firmly on my why, regardless of the butterflies, no matter how uncomfortable the challenge, I commit to keep on running!

And if you’d like to show your support do any one or all of these things:

1. Watch my fundraising video & make your donation for the great work at Get Kids Going!

2. Come and cheer all the participants on! The cheer points for the Get Kids Going team are at miles 13.5 & 22 on ‘The Highway’ and 26 mile on ‘Birdcage Walk’.

3. Wait to drag me over the finishing line! I’m not sure how long it’ll take but a stretcher and a bottle of red wine will gain my lifelong friendship 🙂

A HUGE thank you to those who have already shown their support:

Andy Bottrill at Admiral Cleaning Supplies, Michelle Margaret-Marques of Manor Grove Spa, Richard & Lyn Botwood, Alan I, Nicky, Alleyne & Gayle of Bourne & Bargery, Jerry Walsingham of MBE Bath, Barry & Kay of Venture Funding Hub, Adrian Chase, Kate Shakespeare of Somer Valley Enterprise Park, Bunmi Phillips, Ronke Phillips, Cheryl Carver & Joan.

‎And to those who have pledged to support & rally round on my behalf – thank you!

Live Blissfully,

10 Weeks And Counting!


The Virgin London Marathon; it’s official, I’m in it with just 10 Im Going Toweeks and counting… Am I insane?! I have had to question my sanity several times on this topic but isn’t that what we do whenever we step outside of our comfort zone?

So, what am I doing to keep motivated and not overwhelmed?

  1. Sticking to the training plan kindly provided by Virgin LM. I am following it in the belief that if I stick to it, I’ll be able to complete the marathon.
  2. Every time I go for a run I imagine race day. I find a comfortable pace, listen to my music and enjoy the moment, seeing the finishing line and crossing it still smiling.
  3. I keep on reminding myself of all the other sporting challenges I have taken up from my first 5k run to the Nike half marathon, from the 10 mile Rough & Tumble to the fitness figure stage I once performed on. Each of these reinforcing what is possible.
  4. Checking out my sporting role models, thinking how they prepare mentally, how easy they make their sport look; that determination, desire and talent. And I soak up what it must be like to be that great…

Interestingly, and I guess a reflection of the wonderfully supportive people I have around me, the only question I have been asked is what time I want to finish in. No one has asked me if I think I can or can’t do it, in fact those friends I have spoken to seem incredibly confident I can… and will – gotta love those folk 🙂

All I want to do is finish! And in doing so I will have achieved a goal I set myself quite a few years ago specifically for this year (a big birthday year).

Of course the other bonus is that I will have raised money for Get Kids Going, an amazing charity supporting talented disabled youngsters who have the potential to take part in events all over the world including the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics but who receive either none or very little funding. And yes, I would love your support via my sponsor page (thank you!)

Am I excited? YES! Experiencing mental discomfort? OH YES! But willing to give 100% anyway? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

Whether I believe I can or I can’t… I’m right!

Live Healthily


P.S – Any marathon runners who can provide me with tips (especially on getting my nutrition right), I’d be most grateful…

Get Your Fitness Groove On


The holiday is well and truly over and it’s time to get your Fitnessfitness groove on! Whilst it usually feels like a hard slog to get into any kind of fitness routine post Christmas the sooner you get to it the better; BUT in moderation so as not to turn yourself off before you get turned on to it!

But why bother to get your fitness groove on?

I saw these figures from a recent report:

The number of obese or overweight people in the developing world nearly quadrupled from 250 million to 904 million between 1980 and 2008, according to a study published this month by a UK think tank. Over the same period obesity rates in high-income countries increased by 1.7 times. One third of all adults worldwide—1.46 billion people—are now overweight or obese, says the report from the Overseas Development Institute.

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To me, that is reason enough! But it is important not to throw yourself on some crazy diet or exercise plan in the hope that it will change your health & wellbeing in 5 minutes. Real change requires real commitment and a better understanding of how your body works.

Some minimum guidelines are:

  • 30 minutes of activity 3-4 times per week. This can be something as simple as walks to the more strenuous activities like running, aerobics, swimming or strength training. Get a mix in to get the most benefit (aerobic & strength). Set yourself a fitness challenge rewarding a charity for your hard work
  • Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. Build up to it! It can be a real struggle if you go from no water per day to 2 litres. It can cause discomfort and many trips to the loo! As your body begins to rehydrate that need and discomfort will reduce.
  • Eat food that works with your body, not against it. We live in a society where ‘fast & quick’ is part of everything we are encouraged to do. The foods you need to reduce include pre-packed meals, sweets, alcohol, high sugar content, red meat and processed dairy products. Instead go for fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, nuts, goats or feta cheese, seasoning & spices, oils (like sesame oil) and grains (lentils, pulses)
  • Look after your skin – it’s the biggest organ you have and it requires care to be at its best. Exercise, food and water will definitely help but what you put on your skin matters to. Avoid products that contain parabens, ureas and petrochemical to name but a few! I’ll do a separate post on ingredients and why they need to be avoided at a later date.

And lastly… Have FUN getting your fitness groove on! I say it all the time because I mean it. Fun, laughter, smiling; these can all impact the chemical make up of your body… positively!