I’ve Got Chills They’re Multiplying… Feed Your Cold


Anyone old enough to remember Grease will recognize the first half of that title (oh, how I loved thatFlu film!) but I’m taking
a whole other approach with it!

Here in the UK winter is settling in nicely (thank you) and it is the time of year when colds, flu and all such nasty niggly viruses come out to play. Instead of (or as well as) visiting the bottle laden shelves of the chemist, here are a few tips to help get those viruses on the move.

First: What to Avoid

Cut down on foods that lead to inflammation. This includes things like refined carbohydrates, sugar, white flour or rice and saturated fats in butter (and animal fats, such as chicken skin).

Second: What will Help

Whole grains

Lean protein

Moderate amounts of healthy oils (ex. olive oil)

Fruit in moderation

Plenty of vegetables, herbs and spices

And a few other considerations

Shiitake, maitake and reishi Mushrooms are good for your immune system.

Garlic provides allicin, a natural chemical that fights bacteria and possibly viruses too.

Tangy citrus fruits are a great way to get vitamin C, a key antioxidant that supports your immune system. (Oranges & grapefruits are good as are the less tangy kiwi and strawberries).

Herbs and spices have been shown to kill germs. Rosemary, oregano, and thyme are other herbs that give you antioxidants.

Probiotics are “good” bacteria help keep your gut healthy and in turn are good for your overall immunity (found in some yogurts). Look for “live cultures” on the label.

Chicken soup helps fight inflammation. Warm liquids can soothe your sore throat and help relieve congestion.

Water – get your 8 glasses of water in!

In truth I have rarely been good at feeding colds, maybe because I don’t get them too often, but  I’ll refer to this short, simple list in future. What do you do to feed your cold/flu? Love to know! Please share your comments.

Hoping you get through the winter without any viruses!

One Life, Live It Well,


Reference: Webmd.com