Fact or Fiction? What To Look Out For On The Road To Better Health


As a student of the Health Sciences Academy, I have the privilege Nutritionof accessing high end nutrition, fitness and well-being information.

On my scouting of their extensive library today I came across this great article and wanted to share it with you: Junk Science Blogs: 4 Signs You May Be Unknowingly Following One

Source: © The Health Sciences Academy. All Rights Reserved.

Read more: thehealthsciencesacademy.org/health-tips/junk-science/

Now I am a great believer in simplifying information in order to make it more digestible and accessible however this article highlights the dangers of oversimplifying, from ‘spinning’ information to drawing conclusions without all the facts.

A worthy read… You have been informed 🙂

Live Healthily, live happily,