It’s In The Bag!


It’s in the bag! 3 months and 5 days before my 5Certificate0th I have completed my first (& to be honest, probably my last) marathon – Yay!

Sunday 26th April 2015, a wet and cold morning in London; perfect for the challenge ahead; Virgin Money London Marathon – 35th Anniversary.

Along with 38k+ other goal setters I had one vision in mind – simply to cross the finishing line.

The crowd were amazing, cheering energy into depleted IMG_20150427_163242muscles; it’s in those moment you realise the true power of people, the energy they give off.

23 miles, quadriceps in lock down, I had to get the mind to take over. Power walking to release some of the muscle tension followed by light running seemed to do the trick.Anything is possible

Finally I turned the corner into the mall, finishing line in view, and realised the hard work was over; awesome feeling.

And now I have a greater sense of the amazing fitness level elite athletes have to run marathons in less than 2.5 hours – respect!

As for me, one week off before I hit the running trail again.

Next fitness challenge… Insanity! It’ll be in the bag too!

Keep Giving, Keep Receiving!




Keep On Running!


The 26th of April is looming with the Virgin London Marathon ‎all Run3set and all I can tell myself is ‘keep on running’.

This will be my first marathon (hopefully not the last :)) and each day it draws closer I feel a little more anxious and excited; an interesting mix.

Having run the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon in 2013 I know to expect an electrifying atmosphere with lots of positive energy to bounce off of and I know that eventually the race will come to an end but the butterflies persist.

So I want to fix my mind on my ‘why’. Why have I taken this challenge on? There are a few reasons.

Firstly I had set this goal specifically for this year in celebration of my big birthday; turning 50. As someone with a history in health & fitness I wanted to commit to paying attention to my well-being, no matter my age, no excuses and fitness challenges ensure I deliver on that commitment.

Secondly I know these events are a great way to support charities I care about and whilst the charity I support regularly (Business against Poverty) is not listed for the marathon there are many other amazing causes that are and I have chosen Get Kids Going! To be mine. Why? Because they are working relentlessly to get and keep young people with disabilities in sports, creating champions to represent GB in major sporting events across the globe and if you watched any of the Paralympics of 2012 you know why this is important work and how supporting them can make a difference.

Paying it forward is one of my 7 business principles and that means ‘doing’, leading by example, not just talking a good talk. If I’m going to spend time encouraging others to get out of their comfort zones, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, best I lead the way 🙂

Finally it’s about community, being part of something much bigger than me. When we act as a community we can achieve more, make bigger changes and impact our world in mighty shifts. I am looking forward to the camaraderie, the opportunity to support and be supported, to have fun and even shed a tear… I’m pretty certain it will be an emotional experience for many.

So, with my mind now fixed firmly on my why, regardless of the butterflies, no matter how uncomfortable the challenge, I commit to keep on running!

And if you’d like to show your support do any one or all of these things:

1. Watch my fundraising video & make your donation for the great work at Get Kids Going!

2. Come and cheer all the participants on! The cheer points for the Get Kids Going team are at miles 13.5 & 22 on ‘The Highway’ and 26 mile on ‘Birdcage Walk’.

3. Wait to drag me over the finishing line! I’m not sure how long it’ll take but a stretcher and a bottle of red wine will gain my lifelong friendship 🙂

A HUGE thank you to those who have already shown their support:

Andy Bottrill at Admiral Cleaning Supplies, Michelle Margaret-Marques of Manor Grove Spa, Richard & Lyn Botwood, Alan I, Nicky, Alleyne & Gayle of Bourne & Bargery, Jerry Walsingham of MBE Bath, Barry & Kay of Venture Funding Hub, Adrian Chase, Kate Shakespeare of Somer Valley Enterprise Park, Bunmi Phillips, Ronke Phillips, Cheryl Carver & Joan.

‎And to those who have pledged to support & rally round on my behalf – thank you!

Live Blissfully,