Time To Get Fit UK!


2014 was full of bad news about the health of the nation… Meatobesity, diabetes and heart issues seemed to dominate the headlines on a weekly basis and it would seem things in the UK are getting grimmer by the day.

This latest article from the Mail Online states that Britain is the second fattest country in Europe, sitting right behind Hungary. And the war on waistlines has been declared for 2015!

  • Simon Stevens will launch national anti-obesity drive in the new year
  • He will ask GPs to identify fat patients for anti-diabetes programmes
  • Losing 5 to 7% of weight cuts chance of developing condition by up to 60%
  • Study of 30 nations found only Hungary has fatter adults than Britain

Read more on this latest health article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2887249/The-second-fattest-country-Europe-NHS-chief-declares-war-waistlines-s-revealed-Britain-Hungary-league-table.html#ixzz3NOctUUly

Your health is your wealth people – wake up and put your well-being first! You deserve to have a long and healthy life but it is your responsibility…

One life live it well…


Be Fabulously Fit & Healthy


I live by a philosophy. It’s not complicated (I like simple) and it F&Hworks… for me.

At the centre of it is the word HEALTH. Health matters, every single day in every single thing we do. Good health affects our mental state positively, our ability to focus at work, our ability to be creative, our social skills and provides the energy we need to have more fun.

And my 7F philosophy weaves together key areas of life that all come back to HEALTH:

  • Be Fabulously Fit & Healthy (at the heart of me, taking care of self) Healthy Body – keep the vessel in top condition
  • Be Fearless (attitude, motivated, inspired, positive thinking) = Healthy Mind; reprogramme the computer
  • Create Freedom (knowing me, working for me) = Healthy Business, healthy work life; seeing & making the most of opportunities
  • Have Fun (doing more of what I love) Healthy Happiness; enjoying life
  • Enjoy Friends & Family (make time to spend time with the people who matter) Healthy Network; building support
  • Pay it Forward / Philanthropy (giving back) Healthy Community; caring for others
  • And the foundation ‘F’ on which all the above are firmly planted is Have Faith… With this, anything is possible! Healthy Belief in God, universe, self.

If faith is the foundation, being fabulously fit & healthy is the seed. I strongly believe:

In putting YOU first because it means you’re better positioned to help others and it builds self worth & confidence

If you want to do more for others you need to maximize your own well-being. How can you help, serve & support others if you’re sick, tired, unfocused?

And who is responsible for your fitness & well-being? YOU! Whatever your age your body is the vehicle you have to get you from A to B; abuse it and lose it! It’s not the Governments responsibility or your GP’s; their interests are limited to their job roles not your quality of life.

Whatever your philosophy please put you first; because you matter. People are counting on your greatness to lead them, support them, love them and inspire them…

Live Blissfully