Oh No, Not Another Diet!


We are already 3 months into 2014 and I want to ask you… Muse challengeHow’s your health? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions or goals to improve your well-being and if so have you started?

And before you go into panic mode and say ‘Oh no, not another diet’; it’s not!

If you’ve made positive changes to your health & well-being, AWESOME! If not; Then why? What is getting in the way?

I kick started the year with a fitness challenge for charity; the first of many to come. Not only is it rewarding to do something for others it’s also acknowledging the importance of being fit for life and fit for business. It’s not just a past time it’s a way of life…

My biggest hurdle?

I need to eat better. Good fuel helps the body (unfortunately that does not include take-away food, excess vino, etc – you know the stuff!). And when I’m on the go (and that’s most of the time) it’s all too easy to waste money on quick fix sandwiches, ridiculously named coffees and plastic burgers.

So I am doing something about it… And you can too! No more excuses…

If you are:

  • Up for a fitness challenge for your own well-being &/or charity
  • Struggling with your weight and truly want to do something about it
  • A fitness fan but a nutritional nightmare (yep, that’s me!)
  • A leader in sport and want to find ways to help your teams get into healthier lifestyle choices and habits

Then you need to join the challenge!

I’ve been watching Visalus for nearly a year now, researching the company, asking the difficult ‘give me the proof’ questions, understanding ingredients (funny how this became an obsession when I was happily throwing all sorts of rubbish food down my neck!), checking out its fitness philosophy and results; and it’s all been pretty impressive…

Not only have I met and connected with some amazing people who committed to a new way of life (like Jacqueline Cox – amazing story!) there are so many success stories it’s hard to know where to begin or to pinpoint why Vi? Why it has taken on a force of its own and changed so many lives. I’ve met some of these people and they are real!


If you want to be part of a community of fitness challengers: I’d like to challenge you!

If you want to lose weight or gain muscle tone: I’d like to challenge you too!

And if you love the sound of getting nutritional products for FREE… we need to speak! Just leave a post and we’ll connect.

Finally, let me reiterate, this is not another diet or weight loss fad (I don’t do diets!); it’s about fighting obesity by creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that you can do all the things you want to with ENERGY, FOCUS & FUN!

And… as you lose weight and/or get fit Vi ensures children receive free meals (it’s the ultimate win-win and you can also support your own charities; I support Business against Poverty and will complete my fitness challenges on their behalf).

Here in the UK Visalus supports: The Black Prince Trust.

My challenge to you: Share this message with anyone you know that needs support & encouragement with their health & well-being; that is my goal – to support people to a better state of health, 10lbs at a time!



The Great Weigh In!

The Great Weigh In!


1 pound of muscle and ‎1 pound of fat both weigh in at 3500 calories a piece but the fact remains:
One pound of muscle and one pound of fat are NOT the same size!
Even though the weighing scales will reveal the same weight, there is a difference…
So what is the difference?
How they look and the quantity of space they take up.
Check this out:
The muscle looks firm and tight, taking up a relatively small space whereas the fat is approximately three times in size and it looks squidgy and wobbly.
Fat does not turn into muscle nor muscle to fat. Muscle grows through development and shrinks through lack of use. We need a certain amount of fat to protect our vital organs, insulate us and store energy. However high fat content foods add surplus amounts to the body.
So if you want to weigh in well, remember these basics:
1. Eat more frequently to keep the body topped up with nutrients (quality food). Little and often works, snacking between meals on things like fruits and nuts (no, not the chocolate bar!)
2. Grab some protein to protect your muscles. Calories from protein will also aid in controlling insulin, essential for fat loss.
3. Get green! Make it your new best friend by eating plenty of green veg. It is particularly good at counteracting the acidic affects of a high protein diet.
4. Don’t attempt to cut out all fats. In particular ensure you have monounsaturated (olive oil) and polyunsaturated (fish oils) fats. ‎Some fats are good for healthy skin and for cardiovascular function.
And there you have it, the great weigh in and how to start working on more muscle, less fat!
P.S: Help me on my fitness crusade! Come and vote for my next fitness challenge at Yes You Can Challenge – The most voted for challenge on 15th March will be the one I do… Thank you!