Yes You Can Challenge Vlog_4


Top Up Please!


Water PowerBeing in business is not just about business, it’s about your well-being too! Look after you to maximize your input in your business…

I am working at getting my 8 glasses a day in; a bit of a struggle at the moment but that too shall pass…

Getting fit, feeling fabulous!


I Am Strong, Healthy & Happy!


As someone who has remained relatively active over Strong Healthy Happymy lifetime it has become apparent that looking after your body is as important as looking after your mind. Being strong, healthy & happy matters…

Starting your own business can be a challenging experience and I believe keeping in shape helps in a number of ways:

Mental clarity – exercising is the ultimate brain dumping time! Whilst you are busy working that body your mind is clearing the cobwebs, getting creative and freshening up for next activities

Focus – it’s been documented that we humans work best in short focused sessions of approximately 75-90 minutes. Physical activity helps you regain a good level of alertness between focused work sessions, whether it’s a 15 – 30 minute walk, jog or dance around the office!

Healthy body, healthy mind – There is a medical connection between having a healthy body and a healthy mind with regards to mental agility and life expectancy.

Have more fun! Exercising doesn’t have to be a laborious ‘have to do’ activity. There are ways to make it fun and happiness brings a whole other aspect to being in business. Imagine, enjoying your work! I could get technical and rave on about the chemicals released during exercise that affect your emotions, making you feel happier but I’ll leave that to the experts! It definitely improves your mood making challenges and decision making more manageable

Work, rest & play philosophy – It’s not all about work! Exercise can help you form better sleep patterns too; rest is as important as work and play.

So as I get ready to up the stakes in my own fitness fundraising challenges, I am going to maximize on all the benefits keeping fit brings!


Awesome Work, Awesome Charity


People against Poverty, the umbrella charity to Business against Poverty, work to raise people out of poverty here in the UK and other parts of the world.

Awesome is an understatement! Fantastic work carried out by amazing people changing lives one action at a time.

Checkout these students building a home – Wow!

Support me in supporting their great work; together we can make a difference…


Keep Your Can’t To Yourself!


Do you ever get fed up of hearing pCan Or You Can'teople tell you what you can or can’t do, what is possible or not for you; like they’ve lived your life?! Do you ever feel like shouting ‘Keep your ‘can’t’ to yourself‘?

It happens to a lot of people and the worst thing is they end up living by someone else’s limits.

How dare anyone attempt to limit you when you were born to be GREAT!

The Yes You Can Challenge is all about realizing that our true potential lies miles around us in many directions; we just have to be bold and brave enough to take the journeys along the paths.

No challenge = No growth…

Don’t let the naysayers get in your way. If they can’t support you, then the best they can do is take a back seat.

You just make sure you’re in the front at the steering wheel!

Come and join in the fun of saying ‘Yes You Can‘ on our challenge page and let the small thinkers think on…


Get Ready To Rumble


Busy getting into my training routine so that I can get ready to Muse challengerumble!

I did my best 4 mile run so far this year in 32 minutes 48 seconds; not bad and plenty of time to improve.

If you haven’t already voted on a fitness challenge for me to do for my charity, Business against Poverty – get to it!

Click here to go to the Yes You Can Challenge Page and you’ll see 3 challenges. Choose one and lets see what I end up doing… Yikes!

Feeling good, energy high and ready to rumble!


Oranges & Honey with a Dash of Chocolate


Who knew that pampering could be so fruity! Just back from Spaa few days of indulgence at Manor Grove Spa and I have to admit I got more than I bargained for.

Picture your skin being covered in the drizzle of warm oranges, honey and a dash of chocolate… Oh yes, it was a feast for any discerning customer…

You see, looking after yourself is not just about exercise and diet, it is about looking after your skin too; the largest organ we have (but sometimes forget to take care of).

As part of my Yes You Can Challenge I get to experience some the best treatments on the market to give my body the TLC it deserves (because I say so!!) in between training.

This past weekend I experienced:

Monoi Skin Nourisher: an indulgent and decadent facial that delivers on many levels and provides stimulus for all the senses. Fresh oranges, honey, bananas, warm coconut oil and oxygen therapy combine to soothe, soften and rejuvenate. Incorporating a truly sensuous back massage with warm fresh oranges this facial fills the room with the uplifting aroma of zesty fresh fruit – a pampering treat in every sense of the word! (The warm oranges bursting on your skin is a sensation not to be missed)

O2 Chocolate Facial: the fusion of chocolate and oxygen lies at the core of the unparalleled results and success of this treatment with its advanced anti-ageing properties. A potent and highly charged hands-on facial, chocolate is bursting with natural health and goodness; anti-oxidants, vitamins, hormone balancing minerals and lipids work to hydrate, lift, detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. (Stop licking your lips, it is not for eating!)

Total Body Meltdown (the name says it all): a total body treatment to pick you off the urban treadmill and deliver you to a haven of tranquility and calm. It’s a real treat to encourage rest, reward and to balance overall well-being. A body exfoliation and massage with warm exotic coconut oil and an infusion of oxygen and vitamins to energize nourish and rejuvenate.

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite; one treat melted sublimely into the next and I was drifting on a cloud from start to finish…. sheer bliss.
Top Tip: make sure that your well-being routine has a mixed agenda of exercise, healthy eating and body treats; you know you’re worth it and your body will love you for it!

Manor Grove Spa, a little slice of heaven in Harringworth, Northants – Book your slice! I’ll definitely be getting more oranges & honey with a dash of chocolate!